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3DStrip is an innovative 3D universe that is presented like a comic strip. 3DStrip is also an animated movie with different simultaneous camera angles (long shot, medium shot, close-up ... ) allowing pan-shots, travelling shots or interactive zooming. 3DStrip, taking its inspiration both from immersive games like Second Life (3D metaverse) and from 3D real time cinema, allows the audience to live an interactive user experience by moving freely in the modelized zones of the virtual world. So 3DStrip is meant to be an innovative, playful and interactive medium.

Moving instructions Walking : use the mouse, or the right-left and up-down keys. Use the space key to jump.
Flying : use the right-left and up-down keys to turn around, and the space key to go forward.

Use the keyboard !

Dago Aquarium

Dago Goldberg Variations

Directed by Christophe Desgouttes
Bach's Open Goldberg Variations, by Kimiko Ishizaka

Dago Home

A world mixing reality and imagination,
where the atmosphere plays the leading role,
and where the characters navigate through dark waters, seeking some improbable outcome.

Kamasutra 3d

Discover all angles Kamasutra poses (+18)

3dstrips > Aquarium | Goldberg | Pantin | planche | Kamasutra | Tree | Labyrinth

Dagoprod home

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